Staff and the Real Estate Agents of Black Mountain Valley Realty Raise Money for the Salvation Army

TOP (Left) Angela Crawford and Sandi Strauss (Center) Stacy Slinger and Roxy Borella
FEATURED (Right) Yvette Ortiz, Sara Holden, and Adam Bennett's son "Mister Bennett
CENTER (Left) Bailey Sarria and Mindy Frame (Center) Gabriella Laurenza
BOTTOM (Left) Yvette Ortiz and Sara Holden (Center) Adam Bennett, Trena Riger, Chantil Astemborski, Cheyanne Burns (Right) Lianne Lightfoot and April Lupo-Jennings

Staff and our Real Estate Agents here at Black Mountain Valley Realty were collecting "Change for Change" at our local Walmart in Fort Mohave.

Grateful for a day filled with joy and giving back! 🛎️ Ringing bells for the Salvation Army was a blast, and a big shoutout to our amazing Black Mountain Valley Realtors and cute little Mister Bennett for generously donating their time to support such a worthy cause. 🤝 🏡

Great Job Team!

We raised a total of $418.21